Jack reckons there is a lot of it in the air currently. The Bowls NZ CEO Kerry Clark has resigned and the new replacement Mark Cameron will take over the reigns on the 3rd July 2017.
Chris Wilson, Bowls NZ National Participation and Development Manager has also resigned, his last day in the role is the 18th May.
With the end of the season loom-ing, how much change will take place within your club?
Jack reckons change should be looked upon as a positive move forward. Fresh blood, fresh en-ergy, fresh ideas. That isn’t to say the predecessor was not up to scratch, it simply means that not everyone thinks the same and with new people coming into roles, they bring a new enthusi-asm and a different perspective.
So Jack encourages those who are currently contemplating tak-ing on a role within their club to step up and give it your best. Ig-nore those around you who are of negative energy and concen-trate on the task ahead.
Jack also encourages members not to overlook the younger gen-eratio…


Jack reckons every club should take advantage when bowlers turn up at their greens.
The easiest sure fire way to make some extra income….fire up the BBQ, throw on some sausages, sauce, mustard, bread… easy! Everyone loves a BBQ and when the Bowlers smell it cooking while they are out on the green, you can bet your bowls they’ll be lining up even if they bought their lunch with them.
Next, whip out some raffles…...but don’t just leave it sit-ting on a table in the corner unattended, you’ll sell nothing that way, pick it up and walk it round the bowlers. Good prizes mean good ticket sales, don’t make 1st prize a $5.00 meat pack.
It’s not hard! Jack


Jack hasn't seen anything new emerge from clubs this year so far. Same old stuff. Wasn't it Albert Einstein that first said ... "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got"?

Ain't that the truth? Jack is not sure why some clubs continue to pump out the same old event's they did previous years......and expect a different result?

Show us something new!

Enjoy your weekend. Jack.


Jack would like to take this opportunity to wish all bowlers a very Merry Xmas and a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

Take it easy on the roads and save that aggression for the bowling greens.

Jack thanks all of those that submitted constructive comments and feedback over the past 12 months and is glad he has weeded out those who failed to use the appropriate language or demeanour expected on a blog.

Jack looks forward to seeing you all on the greens in the New Year.

Merry Xmas :)

Jack Shares the thoughts of a Concerned Bowler

The comments below are not those of Jack and/or Bowls Wellington.
Playing and watching Bowls (Thinking outside the square). Having seen darts competitions on TV, and seeing the enormous cheering noisy crowd of spectators, and then to compare the polite restrained clapping at an international game of bowls, is it any wonder that we are losing members? This immediately brought to mind something I read in a club handbook which, in referring to etiquette, read; “When watching a match, always observe strict neutrality. Advice or criticism must not be given. Barracking is Bad Form”. Imagine if this also applied to other sports such as rugby matches, netball, DARTS etc., who would bother turning up to watch? Why should lawn bowls be watched in virtual silence? Far as I know, the only other competition watched in silence is the game of CHESS! Isn’t it time bowls and bowlers caught up with the modern world of sports and ENCOURAGED crowd participation at bowls matches? It's all about creating AT…


Jack reckons being the club secretary is just too much for some bowlers. No offense is intended to them but Jack seriously believes that some bowlers take this role on without much knowledge of what they are getting themselves into.

It's not just a matter of turning up to committee meetings once a month and taking minutes, this is a serious role that requires good skills (at the very least) in communication. Not only do you need a good level of communication with your members, but also with the centre, without this, Jack reckons you're wasting your time.
Let's face it, to be secretary you need to have a computer of some description, laptop, pc, tablet, without one of these, forget it. Next you need to have an email database of your members so you can stay in touch, keep them advised, forward material from other clubs and the centre.
A secretary also needs to be punctual, there are a lot of items on a secretaries seasonal list that have deadlines, if you don't take note of …


The comments below are not those of Jack, however he thought it would be a good discussion point. Jack does agree there are some valid points, however he would also like to note there are points he does not agree with and will comment on his thoughts underneath the Post.

There can be no doubt that, in keeping with many activities today, the sport of lawn bowls is in decline. One does not have to be a genius to project the numbers forward to the point in about 4 years time that the levels of club membership will be below critical mass and the sport unsustainable. Yet most bowlers seem comfortable with the way things are - resisting change and bowing to the inevitable. Perhaps they think the sport will out-survive them? A defunct bowling club is a very sad legacy to leave future generations after the enormous effort of their predecessors who fought to build those facillities. So what is wrong - why is this happening? The answer from this juinior bowler is simple - not enough young peopl…