Jack reckons not many are!

So what are you doing to promote your club? 

Do you have a Website?
Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of Social Media?

Believe it or not there are a lot of clubs that have none of the above.

Jack wants to know how you promote or market your club without any of these platforms?

If you're a club member and think your executive committee is way behind the 8 ball, then have yourself nominated for office at stand for a position at the next A.G.M.

Jack believes that clubs should be run like a business, not a social committee.

What do you think?



Greetings bowlers, officials, employees and volunteers. Jack trusts that you are all refreshed and ready to fire on through the remainder of the season!

During the break Jack has been taking a look at what makes a business successful. The one obvious variable is A POINT OF DIFFERENCE.

For example, a butchery will find it hard to survive and compete against the supermarket chains if they simply plod along and have no point of difference. By that Jack means, if you provide the same product as a competitor but at a higher price and/or a lower quality, then where is the point of difference?

You need to investigate what the opposition has and work from there. You can provide a totally different product that the customer can't get from the opposition ...... or, if you want to provide the same product as the opposition, you need to provide a much better product, otherwise where is the incentive?

This applies to Lawn Bowls. Jack says if you provide the same old Triples Gala that several other…


Jack can’t believe his ears! Some clubs don’t have strategic plans you say? Noooo this can’t be true at all. Jack is dumbfounded as to why some clubs don’t have a strategic plan. How can your club have direction without a plan? How can they set targets? 

How do they know how the club is performing without something to measure against? If you don’t have a plan then you are planning to fail, you’ve all heard that before, well it’s true! Jack say’s there are plenty of resources available to help you with this and you can find links to these on the Bowls Wellington website. 

A strategic plan does not need to be a large document, nor does it need to encompass every detail, but it does need a direction. From this you can drive an action plan and before you know it, things are happening. Do it now or plan to fail! 



Jack reckons running a successful casual bowls event is not too hard at all, it’s getting the participants that can be a little tricky! Ignore the know it all’s and take it from someone who has been there!
But if you’re not too sure on how to fill your casual events then find a club that ran a successful event last year and pick the brains of the organiser.
A great looking flyer is a great start. NO, you don’t have to fill it with a lot of jargon, just the basic details. Casual bowlers are not interested in why you play the game or what it can do for their health or the benefits of playing, they just want some post work fun & games. 

Jack has run several extremely successful casual bowls programmes along with his trusty sidekick and he can tell you with confidence that if you do it right, it won’t take too much effort to fill greens. Forget the paper, use social media!
For a start, make your flyer bright, eye catching and informative. Remember, a little is a lot. Place, Date, time, t…


Jack reckons that some clubs may be missing the boat on opening day. What are your thoughts on this topic? 

Would you rather invite dignitaries to your opening event or invite locals from your surrounding neighbourhood and open up the possibilities of new memberships whether they be Full Playing, Social or Casual. 

Seems like an opportunity gone begging. Jack reckons you could turn this day into an informative, fun and prosperous event, rather than just the same old formalities.


Jack says when it comes to promoting your club, DO IT RIGHT! How many clubs don’t have a website? Too many reckons Jack. 

How can you even begin to give your club the recognition it deserves without having a website? Jack is aware that it is another expense, but at the end of the day it doesn’t have to be a large expense if you do your homework! There are plenty of options here but you need to do some research. 

Without a website, you’re letting the club down. People don’t look through the yellow pages these days, they scan the internet. If you do have a website, then it is important to keep it fresh and up to date. There Is nothing worse than visiting a site that is 2 years out of date, it will turn people away! 



Jack says a good secretary is worth his or her weight in gold!
Let’s put aside the fact the a secretary gives up their personal time to take on the task and is essentially a volunteer, Jack feels the amount of hours that a good secretary can put in during a week actually warrants them receiving an income as most do far more than their allocated secretarial duties.  Jack is not the first to say this!
Jack thinks the majority are well aware that it is difficult for a club to survive on membership fees and rely on said members to support the bar to the extent that the club is financially secure. Jack reckons you would be making a move in the right direction if your club employed a manager to promote and grow your club on a full time or part time basis. .
Don’t leave it until the last hour, give it some serious thought at your executive meeting, do  some investigation, what have you got to lose? Jack says this is good advice for all clubs, not just those that are a little behind the 8 ball c…